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Page of Pledgers


At the beginning of our journey (1st November 2020)  it was clear we could set up a simple store but wanted to offer the best experience and service to our customers and to do so we needed some very expensive equipment including scales and gravity bins. 

We set up a Crowdfunder and asked our community to help us - and boy did you deliver!

A message to our fine pledgers:

"We could not have done this without you, your kind words of encouragement and donations helped us through some of the more difficult parts of opening a shop in under 3 weeks.  We love you and appreciate you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

 A little thanks from us

Our Eco Warriors

Abigail Gowland Jan Harris Marie
Aideen Kelly Jane West Matt Dunn
Aisling Jarvis Janick Yeung Megan Griffiths
Aisling Woodhead Jason Doherty Megan Webb
Alex Ball Jenna Sargeant Mike Burrow
Alexa Parker Jennifer Jardine Mitchell Verrier
Alison M Jenny Rhodes Monica Maxwell
Alison Ross Jeremy Rygate Nat Corby
Alison Thompson Jerry Wright Natalie Parker
Ally W Jessica Lennon Feeney Natasha Radford
Amanda Sadler Jessica Payne Nicki Hunt
Amy de Villiers Jill and Ruairi Nicky Steadman
Amy Hares Jill Brisley Nik Allen
Amy Saunders Jo Cox Nikita Smith
Andrew Casey Joe Brisley Noorie Jiwa-Maddison
Angela Thompson Joe Brown Nora Wright
Becky Robertson Karen and Alan Stephens Paul Gilbert
Bekah Karen Lazell Paula Sparling
Brogan Kat Southgate-Love Philippa Brown
Candice Bright katerina Cooper Rachael Ferguson
Caroline Ryderhuf Katherine Ward Rebecca Constable
Caryl Andrews & Shell on Earth Katie Budgen Ri Pasquarelli
Charles Szilagyi Katie Cash Rosa Gevaux
Cheryl Worley Katie Victoria Keteleers Rose
Chloë Draper Kelda Boothroyd Sad Murat
Claire Bone Kellie Andrews Sally Warner
Dani Gibson Kelly Craddock Sam Williams
Dawn Samwell Kim Cuthbertson Samantha Pryor
Deborah Gowland Kirsten Abernethy Sammon Mortgages
Debra Sheaf Klara Maxwell Sarah Arnold
Donna Barker KT Sarah Bigwood
Eleanor Hall Ky Wilson Sarah Casanovas
Ellie Johnson Laura Gardiner Latorre Sarah Dobrin
Elliw Gwawr Laura Lowe Sarah Finnegan
Elvia Belda Lauren Blackburn Sarah Holloway
Emily Lauren Clayton Sarah Mortlock
Emma Douglas Lauren Kelly Shannon Mansell
Evan Baars Lauren Roast Shannon Sullivan
Ferne McCann Lauren Ryder Sharn Rayment
Ffion Griffith Laurie Edmonds Silvana di Gregorio & Mick Gardiner
Fin & Dave - New Day Originals Lee Simona Lane
Francesca Hutchinson Linda Payne Skye Halliwell
Francine carpenter Lisa Barham Sophie Carrier
Gemma Carroll Liz Connell Sophie Hemingway
Georgia Dayton Liz Rotherham Stephanie Carter
Georgia Harford Liz Southgate  Steve
Giulia Sorrentino Lucy Dowdall Sue Eyre
Halana Palmer Lucy Kemish Susan Waters
Hannah Brent Lucy Rygate Sushila
Helen McMillan Lucy Young Tara Dunn
Helen Mitchell Lynn Clark Tasmin Wright
Helen Morris Lynne Southgate THE BRENTWOOD HAIRDRESSER
Hilary A Keating Madeline Long The Happy Hedgehog Family Ltd
Ian Edmonds Maggie Smith Tony Finnegan
Jackie Fox Margaret McTighe Victoria De Coster
Jade Norman Maria Kikillou Yvonne.p



If you donated and you don't see your name here or you don't like the wat it appears please either mention to us in store or email to